MTK-EP capstan

Standard build with electric drive and high quality industrial planetary gearbox. Executed with a cast iron warping head and a fully closed housing. We are able to offer you many options as listed below. Below types are a small and general spectrum of what we can offer in these types of capstans. Please inform us your requirement.

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Available option

  • – Brake motor
  • – Protection IP56 / T.E.N.V.
    marine execution (Excluding controls)
  • – 2-Speed motor
  • – Atex motor
  • – Alternative voltages
  • – Alternative dimensions / speeds
  • – Larger pulling forces up to 20T
  • – Horizontal warping head configuration
    Available control options
  • – D.O.L. Control Box IP65 with
    IP65 (single or double dir. Control) foot
    pedal with 5mtr cable acc. To NEN 1010
  • – Frequency inverter control
  • – Brake resistor

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