Wire 102m -2000kg – 24m/min

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Please note! Customer is always responsible for determing the pulling force. We can only suggest theoretically.    

Marotek electric planetary winch  

Quantity                              : 1
Type                                   : MT-EP 2.000   
Pulling force                        : W.L.L. 2.000Kg 1st Layer / 1.685Kg 3rd Layer    
Speed                                 : ~ 24mtr/min 1st Layer / 29mtr/min 3rd Layer         
Drum                                   : Smooth / Ø244 x 500mm (DxL)
Fleet distance                      : Minimal 7,5Mtr (distance between drum centerline and 1st sheave)      
Drum capacity                      : 109mtr / Ø12mm / 3 Layers (incl. 3 safety turns)
Motor                                   : IEC 132-4 / 9Kw-S2    
Voltage                                : 400V / 50Hz 
Protection                            : IP55    
Motor brake                          : W.L.L. 125%   
Planetary gearbox                 : High quality industrial / In- line / Incl. oil fill
Paint system                        : Sand blasted SA2½ / 150µm marine paint system 2K bleu RAL 5002 
Class of mechanism             : T4-L2-M4 (FEM 1.001 and ISO 4301/1)    
Dimensions                          : ~ … x … x … Cm (LxWxH)
Weight                                 : ~ … Kg   
Remarks                              : –     
Drawing                               : W090177
tekteg2250 600


Price net each:                       € 5.950 – 

Winch options

12mm wire rope, length 100Mtr incl. hook
Spooled onto the winch
Price net each:                    € 350,-    

Marotek control box / frequency inverter

Quantity                              : 1
Type                                   : Control box IP65 with build in frequency inverter and loose delivered brake resistor   
Control                                : By pendant control IP65 – 24V with 5mtr cable executed with 
                                             Emergency stop, up/down and potential meter for speed control      
Execution                            : Suitable for wall mounting / loose delivered 
Conform                              : NEN1010 / NEN-EN 60-204-1 

Price net each:                     € 3.462,-

 Control box options 
On request  

Principles CE requirements:

  1. 1.Any motion which has a designed restriction of movement shall be provided with motion limiters.
    The inner and outer limit of a lifting winch are normally limited with a spindle limit switch with 2 contacts. 
    2.Moving or turning transmissions and parts shall be designed, positioned or guarded into protect
    against the risks associated with possible contact of exposed persons during the intended use.
    (when located in an easily accessible position)    
  1. 3.Winches for lifting, lowering and pulling purposes with a rated capacity of 1.000kg or more shall
    be fitted with a rated capacity limiter.      

Delivery time                       : Approx. 7 working weeks after written order and approval build in- drawing
Delivery                               : EXW-loaded, unpacked, excl. cable, installation and other parts
                                             as not specific described.  
Prices                                 : Net each, excl. VAT and by closed order
Acceptance                         : On wish by you or your customer at our location.
Guaranty                             : 12 months after commissioning with a maximum of 18 months
                                             after delivery. 

Documentation                    : 1-set instruction manual / drawings / e-drawings / spare parts list /
                                             CE- manufacturers declaration acc to MD 2006-42-EC    

Terms                                 : According to our general terms of conditions 
Offer validity                        : Up to 60 days after quotation date


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