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Electric games 230v-380v-415v. Large assortment of approved electric winches and electric hoists with max. capacity for lifting / towing from 100 kg to 30 tons. Many of the products can be used both as lifting games and pulling games. Used by private as well as industrial, construction and agricultural companies as construction games and in industrial applications, etc.
Our range includes electric games 220 volts – 230 v – 380 v – 415 v:  LV-HD (PA) ; LV-WS; LV-W; Built:

The LV-HD program consists of BADA´’s new and improved PA models adapted to our customer needs with generally stronger construction, wireless remote control and 18m wire. New combination with built-in traverse is now on this page as standard set. See this example

The LV-WS program ( example ) consists of i.a. of lightning fast 220V-230V lifting winches from ComeUp with up to 60 m wire.

The LV-W range ( example ) is composed of drag and lift games from Kaixun. Includes 220V-230V and 380V models.

The Gebuwin range ( example ) consists of electric pulling and lifting games partly as worm gear and partly as planetary games.

All models are of industrial quality with a long service life and certificates approved in accordance with current Danish and European standards / legislation .

Electric winch 230v-380v-415v products are made for indoor and outdoor use. If the product is to be used outdoors check IP. Use any extra protection against rain and wind.

See also our selection of accessories and the range of chain details

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