Worm gear (in Danish “snail”) is an exchange between a gear wheel and a threaded rod: The gear wheel’s teeth engage with projections and recesses in the thread of the rod, so that the wheel is turned one tooth before each full turn the threaded rod makes.

Wormgear traction and lifting winches are mainly used for traction and lifting tasks under 3 tons.
Above this limit, planetary gears are preferable.

Worm gear is available for electric and hydraulic traction and lifting winches.

Manufacturer description:

Standard build with high quality industrial worm wheel gearbox. Available in many varieties for pulling
applications. We are able to offer you many options as listed below. Below types are a small and general spectrum of what we can offer in these types of winches.
All products are with CE certificate and also approved by

See examples of towing and lifting constructions.
(Prices and description are “historical” and examples of previous deliveries or offers.)

We are happy to send you a non-binding offer!

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