LV-Xtreme power winch. Trækspil extreme
LV-X ( “Extreme category”) differs from the LV-LV-O and P categories in terms of the design, characteristics, machine components and equipment.
These properties enable maximum reliability.

The product category currently includes 12V and 24V electric pull winches with capacity from 1134kg up to 2041kg

The ATV and UTV models  in the category traction game extreme include 3 sizes: 2500-3500-4500lbs (traction 1134kg / 1588kg / 2041kg)
( The games are produced by Runva who supply the same basic model with the model designation “Warrior” for English Wincholutions)
Stainless  screws, bolts, insertion rollers and tie bars (coupling rods) as standard on these models
Our customers buy these electrical winches  , as they are all equipped with synthetic wire (usually Dyneema Rope or equivalent), wireless remote control (one or more emitters / transmitters) in addition to standard cable remote control, hook, flag and mounting plate.
The product is ready for immediate installation and use.
In terms of price, this category contains at first glance the “most expensive” products in our 12V / 24V range. However, upgrading a similar LV-professional electric game to the same standard as the Xtreme electric games will be more expensive. The price is an example of “skin deceiving” if one is not detailed.

As with all other tools, the accessory determines how much you get out of the investment. Therefore, take a good look at our comprehensive range of accessories.

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