Professional electric winches for pulling LV-Professional
Professional electric winches. The category includes electrical winches designed for professional use with reinforced machine parts and additional equipment. The majority are based on Runva’s recognized models adapted to our LV specifications, but also products manufactured by other recognized and reputable manufacturers. Tie Bars).
The winches covers the need in many situations e.g. as electric winches
for ATVs, traction winches on larger vehicles, in industrial contexts, heavu duty tasks and as electric winches for boat trailers. Most of these winches come with a 3 year factory warranty (not wearing parts).
as with all other tools, it is important to use the right tools to utilize the capacity of the tool. (It is also useless to buy a drill if you do not buy a drill at the same time).
See our accessories at the link above.

About the size
of the electric winch : The traction of 12-24V electric winch is traditionally stated in “lbs” (US pounds). For example. the term 10000lbs means that the electric winch pulls 10000 pounds, which corresponds to approx. 4500 kg (divide the number of lbs by 2 and subtract 10%, then you have a comparable traction in kg).

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