12V-24V electric winch for lifting.
12V-24V DC-operated lifting winches are exceptional on the market.
Most common are stationary lifting winches that use alternating current (AC: 230V-415V).
A lifting winch is relatively more expensive than a traction winch, as different construction is required for safety reasons (extra braking requirements / different motors / etc.)
We can now offer approved lifting winches 12V-24V as an alternative to 220V-380V-415V .
Some examples of application / applications:

Some customers (eg the municipality’s technical administration) use these electrical winches to pick up and reassemble pumps in the sewer.
Others see an advantage in using 24V when rolling out and rolling in hoses for emptying septic tanks.
Rescue services use these lifting games to advantage in situations where there is no access to alternating current.

Another advantage is of course the mobility, as a 12V or 24V lifting winch can be used wherever a battery is available. This can be the car battery or an external car battery. Feel free to use a 60 amp battery, and have any jump leads so that the battery can be charged via the car’s battery.

The lifting games are bought at Laubjerg Vinsch AB / Elspil.dk

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